Adult First Ride at the Jones Center

Community Classes

Community Classes are 1-3 hour sessions designed to teach community members a skill or particular set of skills to help them use trails, cycling, and active transportation with confidence.  These classes are free or low-cost, open to the public, and held at various locations throughout Northwest Arkansas. 

Classes Offered

Adult First Ride

This 3-part class is intended for adults or mature teens(age 14+) who either never learned how to ride a bike or have not been on a bike in a long time. Adult First Ride starts with a balance-first method and covers foundational skills like balance, pedaling, steering, shifting, braking, turning, and safety. Our trained Trailblazers staff and volunteers will guide you every step of the way. Anyone who participates in the full program can then receive a FREE refurbished bike and helmet, thanks to our partnership with Pedal It Forward. Open to ages 18-99! 


  • Class Duration: Three  2-hour classes
  • Class Location: Secured paved lot or indoors
  • Equipment: Bikes & helmets are provided for class use
  • Cost: FREE thanks to our generous sponsors and donors!

Bike Handling Essentials

This class is for any adult or mature teen (age 14+) hoping to level up their bike skills in a supportive and safe environment. Whether you’ve just learned to balance and pedal or you’ve been riding for years, our trained instructors and volunteers will help you leave this class with a better understanding of essential bike handling skills that will help you ride with confidence wherever your bike takes you. Skills covered will include: helmet fit, bike sizing, bike pre-ride safety check, improving balance & control, starting/stopping quickly and safely, shifting gears, going up and downhill, how to avoid obstacles and road hazards. 


  • Class Duration: 3 hours
  • Class Location: Secured paved lot
  • Equipment: Bikes & helmets can be provided for up to 12 registrants
  • Cost: FREE thanks to our generous sponsors and donors!

Group Ride - on paths & roads!

Join us for a brief overview of proper trail etiquette, rules of the road, and riding in a group. We'll take everything we learned and go for a group ride together!

Woman Adjusting Helmet in Class

Upcoming Classes

August TBD: Adult First Ride with Havenwood (Bentonville)
  • Lesson 1: Learn to balance & pedal
  • Lesson 2: Shifting, Braking & Turning
  • Lesson 3: Safety Skills & Group Ride
  •  Registration opening in July

August TBD: Basic Bicycle Maintenance Class (Fayetteville)

  • Learn how to perform a safety check, fix a flat, and other preventive maintenance to keep you rolling!
  • More information will be posted soon.



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AFR at Bentonville Community Center


“Showing up to this class is one of the most pivotal days in my life and it’s not because I learned how to ride a bike but it’s because random strangers took the time out to have the patience to teach me and cheer me on. It honestly meant the WORLD to me! Even though it took me longer to get a hold on the basics no one gave up on teaching me until I was able to get my first few pedals in during the last 5 minutes of the session. Though I missed the opportunity to learn how to ride 20 years ago, I’m honestly grateful it happened now rather than earlier... I’m so happy that it took me this long because I truly know how it feels to have a simple void filled. I know and understand what it’s like to wait until your time comes and it was the most exciting and most emotional thing that happened to me. I woke up crying in the middle of the night because I knew how to ride a bike and the bike I lost years ago had been restored.” - Adult First Ride participant

Practice Session at FPL

More Tips & Resources

If you've attended one of our Community Classes but are looking for more tips on buying a bike, how to dress, how to keep your bike safe and more, click the "Get Involved" tab on our website OR visit this great resource list from our friends at Love to Ride.

Want to keep track of your time and distance on the bike? Consider using Strava and signing up for the Trailblazers Movement Challenge in May and September!

Looking for a FREE learn to ride class for children? Buddy Pegs offers a free Learn to Pedal class every first Saturday of the month. Learn more at:

AFR 5.17.23

Want to show your support?

Be a Volunteer! You don't need to be an expert cyclist to be a great volunteer! All class volunteers will be offered volunteer training so that we may give you the tools and resources you need.

Donate! Every dollar donated helps us provide our Northwest Arkansas neighbors access to free Community Classes. How do these classes change people's lives? Well, some of our previous students now use a bike as their only means of transportation. Some students can finally ride a bike with their kids. Some students have now participated in events like the Big Dam Bridge. Some students have founded local advocacy groups like Fayetteville Strong to make their neighborhoods more bikeable and walkable. Donate and support our mission to provide Movement For All.


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