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Current Volunteer Opportunities

Help others learn how to ride a bike! Adult First Ride is a program that offers a free and safe learning environment for adults who have never learned how to ride a bike. We are looking for volunteers who can assist participants and/or act as lead instructors for the class. Register for the next Volunteer Training Session HERE or e-mail Gabriela@WeAreTrailblazers.org to learn more about ways you can support the Adult First Ride program.


Announcing new Trail Adoption Program!  Are you wanting to give back to the local trail community?  Click here to adopt a section of trail and be responsible for light maintenance and reporting of major damage, washouts, downed trees, etc.

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Volunteers are Our Favorite!

Are you a champion for trails, access, and making sure people feel included and are safe while having a good time? Or something along those lines? If so, we will need your help at some point!

With your participation, you can help us make this region world-class for trails, cycling, and active transportation! Over the coming years, we are seeking community members to help us create an amazing network of trails. We have a variety of roles and opportunities. Stay tuned as we roll out the roles!

Contact us if you have questions or would like to collaborate with us!

Email Us!

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Volunteer Opportunities 

Types of Participation

  • Event support
  • On-the-ground 
  • Planning committees
  • Community champion
  • Project Specific 
  • Slow Streets
  • Weekly execution
  • Route checking
  • Community champion
  • National Bike Challenge
  • Community champion
  • Ride leader
  • Planning committee
  • Education Programs
  • Education Summit, bike drop-off, bike build days
  • Trail maintenance/building
  • Trail support days
  • Trail status/reporting