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Support Movement for All

Your gifts directly provide meaningful support for community education programs and outreach, trails, and active transportation advocacy. You may designate your gift to a specific campaign or make a gift where needed most. 100% of your gift goes to the designated purpose. Trailblazers depend upon gifts from friends like you to continue to offer our activities free to all. 


Other Ways to Donate

1.    Spark Good - Donate change to Trailblazers by rounding up your purchase at checkout on  Log into your account, go to Manage Account, click on Giving & Impact on the left menu, then search local charity in Trailblazers, and you should see our company name pop up. Once selected, you can opt in at the time of online purchase to be rounded up to the nearest dollar and donated.

2.   Make a tax-free gift from IRAs – If you are 70 ½ years old or older you can give up to $100,000 from your traditional IRA directly to a qualified charity such as Trailblazers.

3.    Include a Gift in Your Will to Trailblazers – We will help you with the information you need to include Trailblazers in your will or trust.

4.    Give Appreciated Stock or Mutual Funds – When you donate stock and mutual funds that have increased in value and been held for more than one year you can reduce or even eliminate federal capital gains taxes on the transfer.

5.    Set up an ACH from your checking or savings account - ACH payments are a way to transfer money from your account directly to the Trailblazers account without using paper checks, credit card networks, wire transfers, or cash. 

6.    Make a gift in memory of or in honor of someone meaningful to you.

For more information on other ways to give, contact us at to inquire. Trailblazers is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Your contribution is tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law. Our Federal Tax ID number is 71-0785162.