Two adults cycle on a trail through a park

Trail Etiquette & Laws

Greenway & Paved Trails

For up-to-date laws pertaining to bicycles, consult your city/county or the Arkansas Code directly. Electric bicycles, electric scooters, and motorized wheelchairs are permitted on the Razorback Greenway and other shared-use paved trails. Other motorized vehicles are prohibited. Most applicable laws can be found in Title 27.

Links to state laws

Be Courteous

  • Yield to others when entering or crossing the trail
  • Faster trail users should yield to slower traffic
  • Move off the trail when stopped to allow others to pass

Bicycles Stay to the Right and Pass with Care

  • Look ahead and behind before passing
  • Ring a bell or give a clear verbal warning by saying “passing” or “on your left” before passing other trail users
  • Yield to oncoming traffic when passing

Be Safe

  • Always wear a helmet when riding a bike
  • Use bicycle lights and reflectors after dusk
  • Use hand signals to indicate a turn
  • Trail speed limit is 15 MPH in most cities. Always maintain control of your speed
  • Watch and listen for others
  • Approach turns in anticipation of someone around the bend
  • If parking at a trailhead, lock your car and stow valuables out of sight before you leave

Protect the Trails and Ecosystems

  • Stay on the trails to protect vegetation and minimize erosion
  • Keep trails litter free by carrying out anything you bring in
  • Avoid locking wheels and skidding on steep trails. Dismount and walk your bike.  Do not disturb wildlife.

Be Responsible with Pets

  • Keep all pets on a leash within four feet of you
  • Pick up pet waste

The League of American Bicyclists does a great job of providing tips on riding safety and performing maintenance. 

Soft Surface/Natural Surface Trails

IMBA launched its Rules of the Trail in 1988 and these guidelines are critical for people riding bikes on soft-surface trails: IMBA Rules of the Trail and Mountain Biking Etiquette

  • Respect the Landscape: Take care of the environment by incorporating Leave No Trace Principles. Do not ride on wet or muddy nature trails. Stay on the trails to protect vegetation and minimize erosion. Avoid locking wheels and skidding on steep trails. Dismount and walk your bike, as needed.
  • Share the Trail: Most soft-surface trails in our region are multi-use, meaning you will share the trails with people walking, hiking, trail running, and even the occasional horseback rider.  Please be mindful, slow down, say hi, and pull over for people on foot and horses, and always yield to uphill riders.
  • Ride Open, Legal Trails: If it says “Closed” or any other sign indicating you shouldn’t be riding, then find another trail. We have hundreds of miles and there will be plenty to choose from.
  • Ride in Control: For your safety and others, ride within your limits. Pre-ride, re-ride, free ride.
  • Plan Ahead: Use one of those fancy mapping apps, let someone know where you are riding, make sure you have supplies and tools for both your bike and your body in case of emergency.
  • Mind the Animals: Please be respectful of the wildlife around you and try not to disturb them more than necessary. Do not feed any wild animals.

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Although we do our best to keep these updated, please let us know if anything is out of date.