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NWA Park and Rides

NWA Park and Rides

This resource aims to offer transportation alternatives to NWA residents traveling to Bentonville and Fayetteville for work or social events, encouraging use of the area's active transportation infrastructure.

NWA Park and Rides are visible in Google Maps through this link or shown below for each city. The map is interactive and dynamic, meaning if changes are made to routes or parking areas, they will automatically update. You can save or share the link and be confident it is always up to date.

Please email questions or report an obstacle to 

Routes to Downtown Fayetteville and Bentonville using paved trails and streets are now available!

All parking areas are publicly accessible and are subject to any rules or laws posted. Please carefully read parking lot signs and notes written on the map itself. Like any public parking, it is at the risk of the driver. Some areas are available on weekdays, and some only on weekends. 

NWA Park and Rides are developed by Trailblazers, PeopleForBikes NWA, Runway Group, Downtown Bentonville Inc., Visit Bentonville, Experience Fayetteville, and the City of Fayetteville. 

Downtown Fayetteville and Downtown Bentonville

About Park and Rides

Park and Rides are used in many urban and metro areas to support commuters and visitors accessing city centers. Park and Rides encourage parking a vehicle at a designated area and using public transit, a carpool, active transportation, or alternative transportation to reach the final destination. The purpose is to reduce traffic, relieve pressure on limited parking, and inspire a relaxed trip.

Northwest Arkansas has a variety of paved trails (and dirt!) and streets with and without bike lanes that make for great active transportation routes for walking, biking, riding a scooter, or using another device. For full alternative transportation, use Ozark Regional Transit or carpooling and active transportation. There are bike and scooter-sharing options like Spin and Veo in Fayetteville and some in Bentonville.  

Active transportation is any "human-powered" travel, like a bike or scooter (electric-assist are too!). 

How to Use NWA Park and Rides

5 Steps to using the NWA Park and Rides:

  1. Choose a parking area
    • Click on the P icon for notes about the location, including limitations or available public transit information
    • View available Ozark Regional Transit information for any fixed routes or transfer station 
  2. Identify your route
    • Routes are recommended from each parking area, but you can also choose your own
    • Click on the highlighted route to see notes, including distance and links to Strava, Ride with GPS, and Ride Spot for guided riding
  3. Walk or ride to your destination
  4. Park near your destination 
    • Lock your bike to a rack (turn on the Bike Racks layer on the map in Bentonville)
    • Did you forget a lock, helmet, or other equipment? Visit an area bike shop for supplies
    • Follow instructions for scooter and bike shares
    • Try not to block sidewalks, driveways, or doorways
  5. Enjoy your time downtown! 
    • Go to work, dinner, or the activity that brought you downtown
    • Remember where you parked
    • Follow the route back to your vehicle and have a safe drive home! 

Commuting to Work

Tips for Commuting

Visit Love To Ride, where Trailblazers hosts the National Bike Challenge for tips on commuting, building confidence, signaling, and more! 

Ozark Regional Transit

Ozark Regional Transit (ORT) is dedicated to providing safe, reliable, and affordable public transportation to the rural and urban residents of the four-county area within their jurisdiction.

They have a variety of fixed routes and On Demand Transit options. Fayetteville and Springdale have a few fixed routes, while Rogers and Bentonville utilize the On Demand Transit system. 

Combine public transit with your active transportation for a car-free, fully alternative way to move around Northwest Arkansas. 

Visit Ozark Regional Transit