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FRIENDS of ARKANSAS SINGLETRACK Group Rides - Open to All Mtn Bikers.
The ride starts just after 6 PM announcements and tries to end around 7:30pm. Lights may be required depending on daylight.
In reviewing the group descriptions below, you might be in doubt about which group to ride with. Please opt for the next lower ride level (if you find you need a greater challenge there is always next week). Keep in mind this is a group ride for all levels of rider enjoyment from experienced to beginner and it’s every rider’s responsibility to create this environment through communication and awareness.

A Group:
“High” paced and challenging group ride, with minimal stops. Expect drops, jumps, & techy at a quick clip.
Distance typically 10 -12 miles.
Trail difficulty will be Blue, Black, & Double Black

B Group:
“Above average” paced and yet challenging group ride, with regrouping as needed.
Distance typically 10-12 miles
Trail difficulty will be mostly Blue and Black

C Group:
"Average" paced ride, the ride will regroup often.
Distance typically 8-10 miles
Trail difficulty will mostly be Blue

Average pace below 6-8 mph with frequent stops and shenanigans
Distance typically 8-10 miles
Trail difficulty will mostly be Blue

***New Mountain Bikers please make sure to introduce yourself to the Ride Leader & Sweeper***
Every rider within each group is responsible for knowing where the rider behind them is and communicating forward if there are issues during the ride. The slowest rider is the most significant rider of any group.
COMMUNICATION is key! If for any reason, there is an issue and riders need to split up or break off from the group this must be communicated verbally to another group member and then later communicated to the ride leader & sweep.
Two major rules:
- Never leave/split off from a group without telling someone.
- Know where the rider behind you is.
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