Trail of Two Cities

Trail of Two Cities

About this Project

We did this project to allow the public to use a trail on the south side of Bentonville instead of having to take a vehicle. Exciting features include that the trail connects the Bentonville Community Center to Horsebarn Park. Property access was vital on this project, with 15 property owners along the route. Fortunately, most of the property owners were commercial, and we could attain all the properties as donations totaling 950k. Advantages of this trail included easy trail and excellent connectivity in this region. The benefit of this trail is that it provides a significant east/west connection on the south side of Bentonville and the west side of Rogers. This project is unique because the Trailblazers worked collaboratively with the City of Bentonville and Rogers as a joint project.


Trail Profile

  • City: Bentonville & Rogers
  • Number of Miles: 2.5
  • Type of Trail: Concrete paved trail
  • Trailblazer role: Project Manager
  • Designer(s): Alta Planning & Design
  • Permitting Agencies: City of Bentonville, City of Rogers, ADEQ
  • Contractor(s): Boulder Construction
  • Easement & Property Acquisition: 17 
  • Construction Administration: Trailblazers
  • Date of Build: 2017
  • Funding Partner(s): Walton Family Foundation