women on Mercy Trail

Mercy Trails

Mercy Trails

About the Project

The Mercy project was to be a set of trails that could cater to a large spectrum of riders new to the sport or simply needed to take a break. Located between the Razorback Greenway and Mercy Hospital, the trail incorporates the City of Rogers Park features and trailhead.  Interesting features include a green space in urban environment, champion trees, and park features. The Mercy trails have served as a training ground for local NICA race teams as well as a way for staff and patients of the hospital and local businesses to get outside and out of the hospital.  Why is the project special? The topography allowed the first beginner-oriented loop trail that was in viewshed of a hammock station and shaded area so that parents could simply watch their children or new riders without fear of them going out of sight. 

Trail Profile

•    City: Rogers
•    Number of Miles: 2
•    Type of Trail: Bi-Directional Singletrack 
•    Trailblazer role: Design & Project Management
•    Designer(s): Rogue Trails
•    Permitting Agencies:
•    Contractor(s): Rogue Trails
•    Easement & Property Acquisition: None
•    Construction Administration: Trailblazers
•    Date of Build: 2019
•    Funding Partner(s): Walton Family Foundation