An empty rock dirt trail winds under large rocks in a forest

Little Sugar Trail System

Little Sugar Trail System

Little Sugar is a 50+ mile trail system that offers a massive variety of trails that are sure to appease even the most curmudgeon riders.

Users will find hidden gems scattered about the trails if they explore. By utilizing the latest trail building techniques with the native substrate, the trails are remarkably weatherproof. Just watch out, because elevation is prevalent here. 

•    57 miles of Soft Surface Trails
•    Provided Design Management with 2 MTB builders 2017-2018
•    Coordinated the civil design of 3 large bridges 
•    All governmental permitting
•    Construction Management of 2 MTB Contractors
•    Construction Management of City Infrastructure including 8 large tunnels
•    Easement & Property Acquisition – 30+ Properties
•    Construction Administration and Inspection all phases
•    Built 2018-2020

This project was challenging due to the layout of the property lines and required much more oversight and input during the design and construction phases of the project.  With two busy state highways 279 & 340 in this area we administered the installation of 8 pedestrian tunnels including coordination of design, permitting and construction.  Challenges included detailed design plans and permitting of the pedestrian tunnels in the AR State Dot right-of-way where the trails crossed these busy roads.  Additional challenges included procurement of approximately 30+ residential lots needed for trail access, so tracking down owners that lived all over the country that owned the lots was quite time consuming.  One of the largest steel pedestrian bridges was built over the Little Sugar Creek measuring 170 each in two sections. While designing an constructing this section of trails we encountered multiple caves which now have access to and trail users can now enjoy and learn about karst features here in the Ozarks as well as access to multiple waterfalls that were previously inaccessible.


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