Four mountain bikers gather on an elevated trail bridge in a park

Coler MTB Preserve

Coler MTB Preserve

Coler Mountain Bike Preserve is the state’s most challenging enduro-inspired jump trail system and is located a mile west of downtown Bentonville. Although it feels like the Ozarks backcountry, the trails are located roughly two miles west of downtown Bentonville. The trails feature multiple flow lines with jumps, challenging technical rocky sections and several imposing gap jumps.

Phase one culminates at the spectacular hub near the top of the mountain, a 20-foot-tall steel-and-wood structure that guides riders to the start of three downhill runs. From there, riders choose their level of difficulty. Expert-level downhill or enduro riders usually go for Cease and Desist, which features “Drop the Hammer,” a double black diamond 12-foot drop into a valley setting you up for 10-foot step-up jumps and two more large drops. If you love a rocky technical trail, try Rock Solid, a technical trail of rocky goodness.

Coler was to be the first-ever Mountain Bike Preserve and an opportunity to develop an exceptional area that could accommodate every user free of charge. Architecturally designed multi-trail starting Hub, Café only accessible by pedestrian or cycling means, Interactive buildings, Campground, and artwork. This preserve has become a green space for all individuals to utilize and incorporate into their daily lives. Why is the project special? Coler is the world’s first mountain bike preserve and can showcase what can be when the property is used for the good of the community and outdoor recreation. Coler has become the go-to location for recreational tourists visiting the area.

Trail Profile 

•    City: Bentonville
•    Number of Miles: 17
•    Type of Trail: Singletrack, Flow Trail, Downhill, Technical, Dual-Slalom, Jump Trail
•    Trailblazer role: Project Design, Project Management, Maintenance, Trail Building
•    Designer(s): Trailblazers, IMBA, PTD, Modus
•    Permitting Agencies: City of Bentonville, FEMA, Army Corps of Engineers, ADEQ, ADH
•    Contractor(s): Crossland, Crosland Heavy, L&L, PTD, Rock Solid, Gravity Logic, Boulder Construction, Woodsman
•    Easement & Property Acquisition: 5 properties acquired
•    Construction Administration: Trailblazers, EDG, Modus, DR Horne
•    Date of Build: 2014 - 2020
•    Funding Partner(s): Walton Family Foundation


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Coler Trail with Two Women Running