A wooden bridge surrounded by a rugged landscape with fallen leaves

Blowing Springs Trail System

Blowing Springs Trail System

Blowing Springs lies in the southern part of Bella Vista. The six-mile trail system skirts cliffsides decorated with caves, waterfalls, and springs. It easily connects to Slaughter Pen and downtown Bentonville via the Razorback Regional Greenway. This project was one of the first attempts of putting trails on Bella Vista POA property.  One of the highlights is a 30-foot bridge that drops from a rock shelf to connect to the trail below, which is also where you’ll find Blowing Springs Cave.

The heavily ledged terrain means some of the trails are inherently more challenging, but there’s plenty of riding to be had by all experience levels. Blowing Springs also serves as one of the gateways to the Back 40.

•    Added 3 miles of 10-wide paved greenway trail 2021
•    Provided Design Management for the project
•    Coordinated the civil design with EDG Engineering 
•    Easement & Property coordination
•    Construction assistance to the City of Bella Vista
•    Mtn Bike Trails 2008 - Greenway Built 2021

About this Project

The 3-Mile Greenway east of Blowing Springs park was talked about dating back 15 years.  It wasn’t until the Trailblazers pushed it forward through design, applied for a Walton Family Foundation grant and received a grant award for the project in 2018.  This greenway trail is so diverse from young riders, retirees from the retirement village, mountain bike riders, to families out for a leisure bike ride.  While under construction we could not keep people from wanting to use this trail and it has stayed extremely popular today.  The greenway connects three popular destinations Blowing Springs Park, Metfield Park, Cooper Elementary School and connects to the 40 mile long Razorback Regional Greenway. Challenges included getting all the easements and right of way for the project.  Trailblazers was in a unique position to pitch the project to the public, assist with the design of the project, and oversee the construction of the project working with our partners City of Bella Vista and the Bella Vista Village POA.

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