Adult First Ride Classes

Adult First Ride is the first in a series of Community Classes offered by Trailblazers that provides a learning environment where people who have never ridden a bike or have not ridden since they were a child, get the opportunity and support to learn to pedal comfortably and confidently. These classes are held at partner community organizations and in public parks to reduce the barriers for participation by underserved community members. Additional classes will be added to help new riders  advance their bike riding skills and confidence.                    

Woman Adjusting Helmet in Class
  • Public community classes are free or very low cost to participants
  • Bikes and helmets are provided for use during the class
  • Participants can receive a free refurbished bike from Pedal It Forward upon request and as available
  • Class sizes limited to 10 participants with one trained instructor plus one assistant
  • A “balance first” method is utilized that breaks down how to get on and off the bike, operating the brakes, balancing,and then finally pedaling
  • Resources are provided to all participants on where to ride for practice, etiquette & rules of the road, and upcoming event info and groups for new riders
Adult First Ride Class being taught


“Showing up to this class is one of the most pivotal days in my life and it’s not because I learned how to ride a bike but it’s because random strangers took the time out to have the patience to teach me and cheer me on. It honestly meant the WORLD to me! Even though it took me longer to get a hold on the basics no one gave up on teaching me until I was able to get my first few pedals in during the last 5 minutes of the session. Though I missed the opportunity to learn how to ride 20 years ago, I’m honestly grateful it happened now rather than earlier... I’m so happy that it took me this long because I truly know how it feels to have a simple void filled. I know and understand what it’s like to wait until your time comes and it was the most exciting and most emotional thing that happened to me. I woke up crying in the middle of the night because I knew how to ride a bike and the bike I lost years ago had been restored.” - Adult First Ride participant

Current Classes

Yvonne Richardson Center: 

For sponsorship information contact Gordon Venturella 

For class or volunteer information contact Gabriela Ruiz 

Past Class Locations

  • Citizens Park Bentonville
  • Walton Life Fitness Center Bentonville
  • Pedal It Forward Rogers
  • The Jones Center for Families Springdale
  • Rogers Activity Center Rogers
  • Yvonne Richardson Center Fayetteville

Thank You to Our Sponsors