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Trailblazer BMX- School-based Pilot Fall 2022

BMX or Bicycle Motocross is a discipline within biking that includes dirt track racing and freestyle genres.  Since the 1970’s BMX has been a gateway sport for many riders.  BMX bikes are smaller, less expensive and easier to maintain, making them a more approachable entry into biking than mountain bikes or road bikes.  BMX tracks and multi-use skate parks are a gathering place for riders and families to learn new skills without having to plan long rides.  For these and many other reasons we believe BMX riding is a great way for kids to learn bike handling skills and techniques. 


In keeping with our commitment to increase access to biking for children throughout the state, we are excited to announce Trailblazer BMX! This is a school-based PE program aimed at teaching the fundamentals of BMX to kids in the 2nd-5th grade range.   We will be piloting this brand new program this fall at one of our local schools!  Stay tuned for updates on this project!


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