A man and a child on their bikes pose for a photo in front of trail maps in a park

Slaughter Pen Trail System

Slaughter Pen Trail System

Based in Bentonville, this unique urban mountain biking experience includes over 25 miles of singletrack alongside the paved Razorback Regional Greenway. The path is dotted with public art where it runs through Compton Gardens and alongside the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art.

Dating back to 2007 Slaughter Pen was the first bike optimized trails built in Bentonville.  Trailblazers role early in the process included easement and property procurement and coordination with Progressive Trail Design as the first 5-miles of trail were laid.  As an IMBA Silver Level Ride Center, there are trails for all kinds of riders. From clean flow to downhills tracks, and technical rocks to huge berms. The Slaughter Pen system includes trails ranging in difficulty from beginners (on the All-American and Seed Tick Shuffle trails) to expert (on Scott Allen Alley and Medusa trails). Connector trails take riders between the various hubs. 

Insider Tip: Slaughter Pen backs up to the majestic Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art. Crystal Bridges is bike friendly too so you can roll up after the ride and take a walk through a free world-class art museum.


Details of Project:
•    City:  Bentonville
•    Number of Miles:  26
•    Type of Trail:  Mountain bike optimized soft-surface trail
•    Trailblazer role:  Design, approval/permitting, cost estimates
•    Designer(s):  Trailblazers and leads from various contractors
•    Permitting Agencies:  City of Bentonville, FEMA, 
•    Contractor(s): Rogue, PTD, Rock Solid, Sing-Track Trails, Q6, etc. 
•    Easement & Property Acquisition:  Yes
•    Construction Administration:  Yes
•    Date of Build:  Spring 2007 - Present
•    Funding Partner(s):  WFF, WPPG

•    Why did we do this project:  To directly serve the community of Bentonville to have recreational opportunity with soft-surface trails.  
•    Interesting features:  Many, world renowned for its features.   Slaughter pen has features everywhere that any seasoned mountain biker will enjoy.  
•    Challenges:  Creating a trail system in the backyard of many residents was challenging.  
•    Advantages:  Never far from the trailhead but feels like you’re in the middle of the woods.  
•    Benefit of the Community it serves:  Backyard trails or in-town trails are the closest thing to heaven we have in terms of trail access.  Being able to walk, ride or run to your trail from your home is not only environmentally responsible, but it does exactly what our mission aims to do, which is get you moving!
•    Why is the project special:  Because it was the catalyst for all other trail systems.  Because Slaughter Pen was successful, it allowed us to create more trail systems in and around NWA.  

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