Autumn Razorback Greenway with People Riding

Razorback Regional Greenway

Razorback Regional Greenway

  • City:  Bentonville, Rogers, Lowell, Springdale, Johnson, Fayetteville
  • Number of Miles: 40
  • Type of Trail: Paved
  • Trailblazer role:  Designers, Risk Assessments, Project Management
  • Designer(s):  Varies
  • Permitting Agencies:  ArDOT, Municipal, State
  • Contractor(s):  Varies
  • Easement & Property Acquisition:  Multiple
  • Construction Administration:  Varies
  • Date of Build:  2001-Present
  • Funding Partner(s):  ArDot, Walton Family Foundation

About this Project

  • The Razorback Greenway was the brainchild of the Regional Active Transportation Committee to connect all Cities in NWA by a pedestrian trail.  Originally proposed as early as 2010 the committee lead by NWARPC applied for a Federal Tiger 2 Grant of 15M with a matching grant of 15M from the Walton Family Foundation.  The project was awarded and began design in 2011 and completed in May 2015.  Trailblazers continues to help with expansion and secondary connectors to the Razorback Greenway spine including a recent risk analysis survey of the entire trail system.
  • Interesting features:  Currently 40 miles long and connects 6 Cities in NWA
  • Challenges:  Property acquisition
  • Advantages:  A major piece of pedestrian infrastructure that provides recreational opportunities, active transportation, economic tourism, health benefits, property values, and quality of life to the region.
  • Benefit of the Community it serves:  There is a benefit to everyone in NWA by the development of the Razorback Greenway.
  • Why is the project special:  What started as just a vision became reality in just 5 short years.

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