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Pass the Mic

Pass the Mic

Hosted by Trailblazers for its first two years, the mic has been passed to Bike.POC to lead the series in 2023. The Pass the Mic series hosts in-person panel discussions aimed to bring the Northwest Arkansas community together to listen, learn, and problem-solve ways to better diversify our region's trails, cycling, and active transportation scene. Hearing directly from members of the NWA community and national guests, attendees are invited to lean in and listen to experiences from marginalized communities. This event is open to the area’s cycling leaders, business representatives, partner organizations, and community members looking to learn and take action. 

Erick Cedño

Next Up: June 8, 2023

Pass the Mic

Pass the Mic returns in 2023 at Crystal Bridges Museum on June 8, led by Bike.POC.

Join Erick Cedeño, founder of Bicycle Nomad; Lisa Gilbert, mayor of Elaine, Arkansas; and Sharon Killian, co-founder of NWA Black Heritage for a storytelling journey weaving together history, family stories, and culture.

Presented by Bike.POC and Crystal Bridges, the event brings together community voices to use art, place, trails, and the bike to create a space of learning and community around the outdoors, our built environment, and Arkansas history.

Learn about inclusive bike experiences from the point of view of minority riders, and explore the history how the built environment of Northwest Arkansas came to be.

Free, tickets required. Reserve your spot online or by calling Crystal Bridges Guest Services at (479) 657-2335 today.

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Pass the Mic

Past Events

Pass the Mic: BIPOC Experiences
The first Pass the Mic event was held on May 5, 2021 with BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) riders including pro cyclists Eliot Jackson and Rahsaan Bahati as well as local cyclists and advocates Kim Sea, Bea Apple, and KC Cross. 
Event was not filmed. 

Pass the Mic: LGBTQIA+ in NWA and the Cycling Community
Held on October 12, 2021, the event pulled in professional athletes, advocates, and members of the NWA community including Molly Cameron, Elyse Rylander, KC Cross, Cody Stuessy, and Lauren Hildreth. Attendees were invited to lean in and listen to experiences from the LGBTQIA+ community.
Watch here!

Pass the Mic: Intersectional Advocacy in Cycling
Hosted in conjunction with the 2022 Walmart UCI Cyclo-cross World Championships on January 28, 2022, the panel brought together cyclists and advocates from around the country to discuss overlapping perspectives, challenges, and opportunities. Panelists included KC Cross, Bea Apple, Abi Robbins, Devon Cowens, Maggie Taylor, Kaley Kornhauser, and Eric Arce.  
 Watch here!


Pass the Mic: Bike Culture in the US - How We Got Here

Occurred on October 18, 2022 in connection with the PeopleForBikes SHIFT'22 Bicycle Leadership Conference. The topic focused on the existing state of bike culture in the US, the ways in which systemic racism has created an ecosystem that affects our experience in the world on bikes, as well as sustainable, grassroots solutions to co-creating an ecosystem that works for ALL of us. 

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“Pass the Mic events inspire meaningful conversations that transcend cycling. Inclusive communities start by asking questions, but more importantly, listening!”

-Liz Anderson, Executive Director, Office of Advancement & NWACC Foundation, NorthWest Arkansas Community College

“Sooooo good. Getting to hear the truth straight from the source. No bullshit, no hashtags, just people. Keep ‘em coming!”- Pass the Mic Attendee

“Will be back for more! It was a well thought out conversation that opened my eyes to new disadvantages folks experience. Keep up the great work.” - Pass the Mic Attendee


Pass the Mic

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