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Outride Riding For Focus

Outride Riding For Focus

Outride’s Riding for Focus school-based cycling program uses cycling as a tool for middle school and junior high students to achieve academic, health, and social success. The program is designed to provide middle schools with everything they need to get their 6-8 grade students riding; includes bikes, helmets, starter maintenance equipment, and training.  Utilizing a fleet of bikes and an easy-to-follow curriculum, middle school students learn riding etiquette, fitness and training concepts, decision-making, and bike handling skills. 


Trailblazers partnered with Outride with support from the Walton Family Foundation to further expand our education initiative. The Riding for Focus program was awarded to 6 middle schools in Northwest Arkansas in the Fall of 2020 and Spring of 2021. 

The schools each received a fleet of 34 bikes, helmets, maintenance equipment, in-depth curriculum training, and access to a 12-unit curriculum with ongoing program support. More than 2,000 children per year are impacted by this program.

The program became an instant favorite among students and staff for its positive impact on the students’ mental, social, and physical well-being.


Our work right now:
As part of our commitment to getting more kids on bikes, Trailblazers has partnered with Outride to set aside matching funds for Riding for Focus Programs in Arkansas.  With these funds, we hope that up to 5 more schools throughout the state will participate in this amazing program.  Interested schools are subject to Outride’s application criteria.  The grant window opens in January of 2023 and closes on April 28, 2023.

If you have questions, email  Info@WeAreTrailblazers.org

Click here to apply for Riding for Focus!


Outride Program
Outride Program

Program Grantee Schools:


  • Ardis Ann Middle School- Bentonville
  • Grimsley Junior High- Bentonville
  • Arkansas Arts Academy- Rogers
  • Holt Middle School- Fayetteville
  • Owl Creek Middle School- Fayetteville
  • Siloam Springs Intermediate- Siloam Springs



“The Riding for Focus program allowed my school to get a uniform fleet of bicycles. This allowed for educational equity. Riding for focus also allowed us to integrate a formal curriculum which has really helped us have a more cohesive group.” -David Myrick, Riding for Focus Teacher at Arkansas Arts Academy

“My special needs students responded extremely well. We had several students learn how to ride a bike for the first time. My students that normally were problems in class changed their attitudes and focused on riding. It was an amazing experience.” - David Clark, former PE Teacher at Grimsley Junior High School