NICA soft surface trail

NICA Statewide Trails

NICA Statewide Trails

About this Project

 The NICA trails project focus was development or to assist in developing trail systems throughout several Arkansas rural communities.
Interesting features include  the Conway trail system is an all-weather course. The Huntsville course utilized school and adjoined property to the Camp War Eagle course routed racers through the many features of the camp. Arkansas is waking up to the benefits of trails and how they help the communities they're placed in, this help to get even those not in the sport to take note of the benefits they serve. With more rural communities getting small trail systems, it would help those who wish to develop skills and train at a facility that’s in a closer proximity to their home. Why is the project special? These trails deliver a special place for all ages to rekindle their time in nature and self-improvement. With the ability to get familiar with the sport and trails leads to more advocacy for outdoor recreation and interscholastic cycling.


Trail Profile

•    City: Statewide
•    Number of Miles: 6 complete
•    Type of Trail: Beginner to Intermediate Singletrack
•    Trailblazer role: Project Management
•    Designer(s): NICA, Rock Solid, Affordable Trail Solutions, Rogue Trails, Progressive Trail Design.
•    Permitting Agencies:
•    Contractor(s): Affordable Trail Solutions, Rogue Trails, Progressive Trail Design, Rock Solid
•    Easement & Property Acquisition:
•    Construction Administration:
•    Date of Build: 2020
•    Funding Partner(s): Walton Family Foundation