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Let’s Play Bikes! Resource for Parents

Let’s Play Bikes! Resource for Parents

Trailblazers believes that learning to ride a bike in a positive, safe, and fun environment is key to becoming a happy and healthy lifelong rider. Let’s Play Bikes is a free three-part guide to help parents to facilitate learning in a simple, fun, and low-stress way. Activities require only a small space and utilize everyday objects to enhance the learning experience.

Let’s Play Bikes features tips for parents and guardians as well as games and activities designed to help children discover the joy of riding a bike.  Each progressive level helps to build confidence and skills for your rider while giving you, the parent, tips, and ideas for stress-free learning and fun.  These activities are adapted from our school-based curriculum and are written for families to experience together and enjoy. 

Let's Play Bikes Guides
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Levels of Guide

“Get Ready” Part 1 is for introducing your child to riding.  Get Ready includes tips and games for teaching balance on two wheels. Geared toward children ages 1-4 or older children that haven’t learned to ride.

"Get Set!”  Part 2 includes tips and activities to help your child to transition from balance-biking to pedaling. Get Set is appropriate for ages 3-7 or any child who has mastered the balance bike and is ready for pedaling.

“Go!”  Part 3 helps you to assist your child to develop bike handling skills and confidence needed for greater independence.  Activities and games are designed for children 6-10 or any-aged child who has already learned to ride a bike to develop further skills.

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