A dirt trail through a forest shows two bridges, on over a fallen tree trunk and one built with planks of wood

Handcut Hollow Trail System

Handcut Hollow Trail System

Hand-Cut Hollow are born out of a need for a more intimate riding experience in the Bentonville ecosystem. The new trails will consist of eight miles of classic hand-built singletrack loop, connecting Slaughter Pen via NE J Street gravel road with previously unexplored terrain east of Interstate 49.

Trails in the system will travel through a variety of different zones, providing riders a unique backcountry-style riding experience. Working with Trailblazers, Singletrack Trails was brought in for the construction. Handcut Hollow was created to offer something different in Slaughter Pen. It serves the community by having a close backcountry experience and to be able to escape the concrete jungle and appreciate nature nearby. Why is the project special?  It challenged the status quo of what the builders were saying had to be done. We partnered with a trail contractor from out of town and they built to our specs, which resulted in a high-level experience that people enjoy.

Trail Profile

•    City:  Bentonville
•    Number of Miles:  13+  mi
•    Type of Trail:  single-track with 
•    Trailblazer role:  Design and seek corridor approval and perform cost estimates for grant request.  
•    Designer(s): Trailblazers
•    Permitting Agencies:  City of Bentonville
•    Contractor(s):  Single-Track Trails, Rock Solid, Flow Farmer, Rogue
•    Easement & Property Acquisition: Yes Multiple
•    Construction Administration: Yes
•    Date of Build:  September 2020-Present
•    Funding Partner(s):  Walton Family Foundation