Coler Adaptive Trails Project

Coler Adaptive Trails Project

Trailblazers has contracted with JPMPRO Inc.'s Jeremy P. McGhee to conduct adaptive mountain bike audits (aMTB) of OZ Trail systems.  Once audits have been conducted our in-house trail construction team makes changes to improve adaptive riders' experience and the number of trails that can be used.

    Coler A1MTB Route
    Jeremy McGhee

    Coler Audit and Improvements

    This past summer and fall, the Coler aMTB experience was greatly improved.

    • Highway to Heaven, the new climb trail negates the need for adaptive riders to use the north service road.
    • Oscar’s (Lower)  was re-worked on the north section to eliminate any road time
    • Esther’s was refaced tp bring the trail extremely close to an aMTB1 rating.

    The suggested aMTB1 route is a clockwise circumnavigation of Esther’s and Oscar’s (Upper) via the Greenway and Highway to Heaven (see map). Riders can add in gravity trails Thunder Dome, Family Flow, Fire Line, and Cease & Desist as desired.

    For gravity trails:

    • Rock Soft is extremely close to being solo-able. Addressing the simple issues in this report would easily bring it from aMTB3 to aMTB2 and, with practice, adaptive riders could ride it solo. This would increase the number of aMTB2 gravity trails on offer from one to two. 
    • Rock Solid will always be aMTB3
    • Rock Salad is deemed not suitable for adaptive, so any notes on those trails are moot.