Bekaert Paved Trail

Bekaert Trail

Bekaert Trail

Details of Project:
  • City: Bentonville & Rogers

  • Number of Miles: 0.5 

  • Type of Trail: Concrete paved trail

  • Trailblazer role: Project Manager

  • Designer(s): McClelland Engineering

  • Permitting Agencies: City of Bentonville & Rogers, ADEQ

  • Contractor(s): Benchmark

  • Easement & Property Acquisition: 1 easement was donated

  • Construction Administration: McClelland Engineering

  • Date of Build: 2021

  • Funding Partner(s): Walton Family Foundation


How did this project come about?

We wanted to help fill in the trail gap between the City of Bentonville and Rogers. Our project rebuilt a failing asphalt trail. The trail started at Cambridge Park and stopped to the south of 14th Street/Hudson. The City of Bentonville is going to continue the trail on with the Water Tower Rd project which will tie into the Arkansas Missouri Trail.

Interesting features:

  • Challenges: The City of Rogers is looking at installing a roundabout at 14th Street/Hudson and Water Tower Rd/Bekaert Dr.

  • Advantages: This trail provides a good east/west connection that is needed.

  • Benefit of the Community it serves: The trail will provide greater connectivity between Bentonville and Rogers once The City of Bentonville completes their road project.

  • Why is the project special: This trail will eventually be a connection between downtown Bentonville and downtown Rogers.