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Annual PeopleForBikes City Ratings

Annual PeopleForBikes City Ratings

Trailblazers supports the region's cities in gaining recognition for their investment in bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure and culture by assisting with the annual PeopleForBikes city rating program.  A key component to city rankings is feedback from the community via a survey.  Trailblazers works hard to encourage as many people as possible to take the survey and help showcase the impact of the infrastructure on people's riding habits and perception of safety.   

“More than just miles of singletrack, Bentonville’s success lies in the accessibility, both vicinity and skills-wise, of said trails for both local residents and visitors...This focus on accessibility is paying off: Bentonville scored the #1 spot in Community Survey scores for this year’s City Ratings, proving the city’s success in fostering a community of bike-minded residents.“ PeopleForBikes

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Top Rated Cities in 2022

2022’s highest-rated cities stretch from coast to coast and everywhere in between. From Brooklyn, NY, to Fayette, MO, to Berkeley, CA, this year’s top performers represent the most bikeable small, medium and large cities in the U.S.  

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Fayetteville #62 Overall, #20 Midsize City

Bentonville #72 Overall, #34 Small City

Bella Vista #85 Overall, #43 Small City

Springdale #128 Overall, #46 Midsize City

Rogers #157 Overall, #60 Midsize City

Siloam Springs #596 Overall, #265 Small City


The 2021 City Ratings showcases a new way of calculating scores that emphasizes the importance of building safe, comfortable and connected bicycle networks. We also tweaked our formula to make things simpler and more consistent.

The revised City Ratings incorporate only two inputs: the quality of a city’s bicycle network through its Network Score, and community perceptions of bicycling via the Community Score. The Network Score comes from the PeopleForBikes Bicycle Network Analysis and the Community Score comes from the PeopleForBikes Community Survey.




Want to find out how you can help your city become more bicycle friendly? Send an email to info@wearetrailblazers.org.

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