Arkansas Enduro Series

Arkansas Enduro Series | Round 5 | BENTONVILLE ENDURO | #AES2022
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The AES Round 5, the final round, is in Bentonville, Arkansas!

This is a three day event.  Friday will be Pre-Ride for the Enduro, the Flavor of Enduro, and the Dual Slalom, and Saturday & Sunday will be the Enduro with up to 7 stages each day, and around 20 miles of riding, each day. All enduro Racers will race on both Saturday and Sunday.

 All Racers, regardless of age or category, will race the same course and stages.  There will B line options for more difficult areas – or walk anything you do not feel comfortable riding. Stages must be completed in order, and only one time, unless otherwise noted.

To keep our production quality high there will be a cap on total number of Racers.  Once that number has been reached registration will be closed.  If it is at least three days prior to the race a Wait List will be created (see Wait List section).  Plan accordingly and register as soon as possible so you do not miss out.