NICA Lead trail maintenance during a Trail Luv Days

In The Mix: Lincoln Junior High School NICA Setting the Standard

Lincoln Junior High School (LJHS) National Interscholastic Cycling Team (NICA) has found many ways to give back to the community and one way has been through trail maintenance. 

"We set a high standard for community involvement for our athletes.  I'm so inspired by the amazing commitment to our community shown by our athletes, parents, and coaches”.  Said Tim Keith, the LJHS NICA team director. 

The team adopted & hosted multiple trail clean-up days at the Artis Ann middle school trail, Tristan's trail, and Leopard's Loop.  In addition, the team had strong showings at G6, Huntley Gravity Zone, and Hand cut Hollow trail days were they learned how to manage erosion and the effort that goes into trail design and upkeep. These events helped build confidence & stewardship.

 The volunteering didn't stop at raking, shoveling, and lopping, the team expanded their horizons and dedicated time to other cycling-related causes in the community including work with Pedal it Forward, OZ kids criterium, the Chamber of Commerce Bikes and Brews, WOZ summit and Tour de Tacos to name a few.

 "I'm very impressed by our Athlete's commitment to our team's goals and the community.  These accomplishments are significant considering our athletes are balancing school, training, other sports & extracurricular activities, and community involvement with very high levels of achievement in all areas" said Sean Goode, the team's assistant coach.  

For more information about how you and your organization can volunteer, please contact Ciara Logan at